Flight MH17

Four days in a row thousands of people lined the 100 km (62 mile) route, watching from motorway bridges as the cortege travelled from Eindhoven to the military base at Hilversum where the bodies will remain until they can be identified, a task that could take months. As the cortege passed, drivers spontaneously stopped their cars and watched silently from the side of the motorway. Some clapped in tribute, others threw flowers on the hearses.

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Black and white streetphotography 2013

In the fall of last year, I began photographing on street with unknown people in the picture. Before that time, I waited an eternity for the moment that no one ruined my desired scene. Since then, I wait forever until the right person fills my image in a proper manner. I’m still very uncomfortable with capturing strangers and keep working on my progression as a streetphotographer.

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